2 April 2020


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This video explains what autism is, take a look! It has subtitles, so it is a really good reading and listening activity. GO AHEAD!

Dustin Chandler

SPD for dummies like me | World autism awareness day, Autism quotes

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a difference in the way a kid's brain develops. Kids with autism may have trouble understanding the world around them.

What's It Like to Have Autism Spectrum Disorder?
A kid with autism might have trouble:

  • talking and learning the meaning of words
  • making friends or fitting in
  • dealing with changes (like trying new foods, having a substitute teacher, or having toys moved from their normal places)
  • dealing with loud noises, bright lights, or crowds Kids also might move in an unusual way (like flapping their hands) or do the same thing over and over (like saying the same word).
  • A kid with autism may have a little trouble with these things, or a lot. Some kids need only a little bit of help, and others might need a lot of help with learning and doing everyday stuff.

What Causes Autism?
Autism is something people are born with. No one knows exactly what causes it. It probably has something to do with a kid's genes and other things that change the way the brain develops.

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