18 June 2020


My dear kids,

Yes! We made it! Even during the quarantine, you have been an excellent group. Your commitment and your responsibility have been awesome.👏👏👏 You have actually kept me very, very, very busy.

I wished we could have been in class together and I only hope you had some good time with your homework. I tried my best 😏

For the summer I have posted some recommendations so you keep learning, remember we do not only learn in school. We learn all the time, all of us, every day and everywhere.

Enjoy the summer holiday and keep connected to school, the blog will be there for you. I am posting soon (I am still preparing it) the best Masterpieces you have sent me over this term, keep checking the blog.

Ah! y estoy acabando el proyecto de las cartas a la Residencia de Mayores se va a quedar genial porque habéis escrito cartas maravillosas, dignas de superhéroes y superheroínas!!

Recordeu fer un repasset de valencià, al bloc, vocabulari, vídeos, cançons ...
With all my love and huge thank you for this last term, and for a wonderful year,

Mari Paz.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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